Steven Ray Wiig (born December 30, 1972) is an American film actordirectorproducer and musician. He appears in the films Into the Wild under director (and Academy Award-winning actor) Sean PennSome Kind of Monster, directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce SinofskyGus Van Sant's San Francisco-based filmMilk and Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. He is the drummer in the band Papa Wheelie, fronted by former Metallica member Jason Newsted.[1] Wiig is the primary songwriter in his band The Martichora (all instruments) along with Rich Doucette.

Close friend and longtime Executive Personal Assistant to Metallica's founder and drummer Lars Ulrich.[2] Wiig attended Northern Michigan University.

Currently resides in SausalitoMarin County, California is working as a Producer to bring the novel U.P. (Ghost Road Press) to the screen based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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